Do you bake everything from scratch?

Yes! All of our products are made from scratch using the finest ingredients

Do you only offer cakes?

No! While we specialize in cakes, we offer a wide range of services such as Dessert Bars, Cookie Bars and Party Favors. Items include but not limited to: Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Macarons, Cookies, Custom Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Are you a retail bakery?

No, we do not have a public storefront, appointment only. 

How do I order?

Fill out the contact form on this page, please include the date of your event, any style/design elements you have in mind and the number of servings. 

How much time in advance should I place my order?

For larger event cakes-especially ones that require a tasting- a minimum of a month in advance is ideal. For smaller cakes as little as one week notice is adequate. Occasionally we can do orders on shorter notice so please contact us

Do you offer tastings?

Yes! We do offer tastings of up to four flavor combinations. There is an order minimum of 400$ for a tasting and there will be a 50$ charge at the time of the appointment, that will be taken off the final cost of your order

What other services do you offer?

We offer tastings, consultations, on-site delivery and set-up

How does the pricing work?

For custom cakes the pricing is based off the number of servings and the complexity of the design. Typically custom cakes start around 6$ per person and there is a minimum order of 200$

We have smaller party cakes (beautiful buttercream cakes with a decorative topping) that are available at a fixed price. Smaller cakes can also be added to and personalized for a fee but do not need to meet the minimum custom charge

Party Cakes  are priced as follows

6” (SMALL) 6-10 SERVINGS – $40

8” (MEDIUM) 12-18 SERVINGS – $60

10” (LARGE) 24-30 SERVINGS – $90

There may also be an additional delivery charge